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Mantralayam Part 2 - Panchamukhi Anjaneyar and Bhikshalaya

Panchamukhi Anjaneya swamy temple and Bikshalay are places of interest around Mantralayam.Jeeps,autos are available from the Mantralayam Raghavendra Mutt.

Panchamukhi Anjaneyaswamy temple (five headed Hanuman) can be reached after crossing the Tungabhadra River (there is a bridge). It`s around 45 minutes from Mantralayam on road. The shrine is located amidst beautiful surroundings.  The temple stands on a small hillock. A flight of 50 steps takes you there. The idol of lord Anjaneya aka Hanumana is unique here as it has five heads.

It is believed that this idol of Lord Anjaneya was hidden inside a cave. It was discovered by a Brahmin following a dream. Devotees can see this cave. The passage to the Mandir is narrow so pilgrims must go in a single line for the darshan and exit thereafter.

Sri Raghavendra Swamyyaru performed penance here for 12 long years..After 12 long years Lord Anjaneya gave him darshsan and instructed him to make Mantralaya his Brindavana.

Bikshalay is the place where you can find the brindavanam of Sri Appanacharya, one of the most important disciples of Guru Raghavendra. Click here for more details and interesting pictures on Appanacharya.
Another interesting story about Bhikshalaya can be found in
I engaged an auto to cover both these places.

Stopped on the bridge for some snaps..!

While we were riding peacefully with green fields on one side of the road, a few students stopped our auto for a lift..their auto has had a flat tire..!

After we dropped these kids midway.. I stopped by on another interesting spot where a few other kids were enjoying themselves..swimming in the Tungabhadra .!

We are the Anjaneyar temple..!

Can you see the dog sleeping peacefully under the shade..!

Bhikshalay is a place one can spend the day in will hear none other than the soft sound of water flowing and swirling wind..the water does not flow here with any strong current..So soft that it will flow like a transparent film on the soil..!
I was at this place in the evening and owing to paucity of time, I could not stay there for more time. The peaceful place,the sound of serene water flow of Thungabhadra, the peaceful brindavanam ever will linger in my thoughts..!

Appanacharya's Brindavanam

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  1. More fantastic captures and such a fascinating look at your country! Love the pics of the children and the expressions on their faces! Beautiful! Hope your week is going well, Sridharan!


  2. Nice places most visiting Mantralaya miss this place . The rock formations around the Panchanjaneya temple is amazing . thanks for sharing .

  3. Your pics always seem to amaze me... Such beautiful clicks, the place is also very unique... 5 headed Hanumanji is very rare...
    Have a lovely day:)

  4. Sridharan, that round rock reminded me of the butter ball of Mammalapuram.Enjoyed the virtual tour .

  5. Great shots!!!
    The school kids are so cute!!! Look at the innocence in their face!!!
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