Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gingee Fort - RajaGiri - Part 2

 The climb would have been much more enjoyable, had it been early in the morning.. But the fort is open only @9:30am in the morning!.So one is left with no alternative but to take the strenuous climb in the sun.

Come along.. Let's resume our  somewhat tough journey to the top! Getting to the top is never easy.. Isn't it?

 We had nice company ..These playful children urged us on all the way through!

My son always looses himself with children..and Vice-versa..!

Lord Anjaneya.aka Hanuman!

 One more mandapam.. We thought we are through and one guy returing said, you just have only 20% of the distance to cover..and sagged our spirits.!

Do you see the watch tower at the vantage position?

I found many of these with right colors to camouflage them in rocky terrain..!

More more wall to cross!

Well Zoomed in from the hill top!

Ranigiri (Queen Hill) from the Rajagiri (King Hill)

 Wow..! One more cross! No wonder Chatrapathi Shivaji termed this most impregnable..!

This connecting bridge is so tactically placed and mobile that it makes further access to the fort totally controlled..!

We have reached the top ..!
Excepting for a temple and a few building the others, I understand are gone now!

We have no energy left over now..!

So many vantage points to choose from for photography..!

He never tires..Does he?..! He is the only one to maintain the energy level & Live up to his hyper nature..!

Ranganathar less Temple ..! (No idol now..)

The view from the hill was awesome!.

I should visit this temple next time..

This IIT student was from France and the breathtaking view from the tops keeps him in a trance ..!
Small temple on the pathway
View of the buildings at the foothill.

They are tired too..!

We are just at the foot hill.!

Kalyana Mahal

I wish we could climb up to the top floor..! have completed the awesome tour..!
This awesome building is locked.. I photographed it thru the grills..

Sad to leave this wonderful place behind..!

This over exposed snap is symbolic of our over exposure to the scorching sun..!

Bye for now..I am not yet over with Gingee.. See you sometime with another episode of Gingee..Rani Giri Fort..I am yet to visit it though..!

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