Monday, January 10, 2011

Thiruvannamalai - Ramanasramam - Part 2

Any reference to Thiruvannamalai is sure to bring Sri Ramana Maharshi to our mind. The face that permeates peace in the mind of anyone who looks at. A great sage who lived among us in this century.. who followed a seemingly simple technique for Self realization- Pursue the answer to the simple Question Who Am I..?.. I said seemingly simple ... didn't I ? Only seemingly ...!

I visited Ramanasramam also. I would have loved staying here overnight,But getting accommodation without advance reservation is impossible.

For more  details on Sri Ramanar and the Ramanasramam please visit their website here.

Many know the details of how Paul Brunton, a seeker from UK, got spiritual guidence from this great Sage..! Those who do not know or those who know this and like a recap, click here for details.

I first read about Ramana Maharshi in Bharanidharan's Arunachala Mahimai -Tamil book(அருணாச்சல மகிமை by பரணிதரன் ) and ever since then was wanting to visit this great place. 

The places where great souls lived have their own spiritual vibrations and value and hence I consider this  as  a great place even if it may not have anything of material interest...!


Girivalam Path
After Ramanasramam, I just drove around the Girivalam path and shot these few casual pictures from within the car.  I will have to visit Thiruvannamalai and definitely cover Girivalam path in a greater detail sometime soon....!

On our my way back to Chennai we visited Thennangur and that I will cover in the next part >>...!

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