Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thirukkazhukundram Part 2

This is a relatively large temple and an awesome one too..! is at the base of the Thirukkazhukundram Hill..!
This is also a temple for Lord Sivan called Bhakthavatsaleswarar..

The temple has towers on all the four sides and each one is equal to the other in size and workmanship.
One of these Goupurams (above - by itself it's an awesome sight isn't it.? ) provide an awesome backdrop to the temple tank. See below.

The Mandapam at the entrance provides a majestic ambiance to the open space in front of the temple.

This temple is built by Mahendra Varma Pallavan in 7th Century BC (610-630). Pallva architecture is evident from the workmanship,especially in the Mandapam below that is on left side of the Outer Praharam and has an elevated Peetam (dias kind of stuff..) at the centre. Marvellous sculptures every where mark this structure unique...! I clicked a number of Photos here as there was no body to disturb me, excepting for a couple of people who were sleeping in that beautiful mandapam..!

I don't find any reference to this Mandapam in any other blog posts on Thirukkazhukundram, Surprising..! Considering how awesome this structure looks..! Look at other pictures of this in the full photo set below, you will agree with me..!

I always have a fascination for the details of Gopuram work. I used to wonder how it would look at the top of these towering gopurams. With today's Digicams (ofcourse you need super zooms), you can reach up to the roof of the Gopuram and take a peep - Just like this..!

The Vedhagiriswarar temple on top of the hill is visible from this base temple. A beautiful sight this.... the temple looks like a tree-top-house of Munar of Kerala..Isn't it ?! Don't miss the videos section, I have a video that zooms into the hill top temple from the base temple..!

There are a couple of Sannadhis in the outer praharam.One for Murugan, another for Tripura Sundari and One for Arunachaleswarar..! The a natural ambiance to these because of the trees is enjoyable.

I enjoyed walking past these and you would like them too.. take a stroll past these Sannadhis..!

The Murugan Sannadhi had these withered frescoes at the entrance..

and I found some good colorful frescoes in the roof of the Mandapam at the entrance as well...withered of course..!They were awesome..and you are likely to miss them, if you don't look for them..! This mandapam seems to be used for parking  Vahana Vehicle as of now...!  

Time to get into the temple. There were a few colorful objects inside as well...!

The 63 Nayanmars - cute and beautifully metal made..can be found in the praharam just outside the Garbhagraham..!

While returning, I just peeped into the Vahana Mandapam which is on the left side just before the first entrance of the temple..It had a couple of colorful Vahanams (used as seats for deities during procession )..!

Full Set of Photos


 Time to bid you good bye.. Will meet you in a new place some time- if not soon..!

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