Friday, January 14, 2011

My Photo Blog

Dear fellow Bloggers

This is just to let you know that I have recently concluded the development of my Photo blog Viz

It is because of the encouragement from my friends and fellow bloggers that I ventured into it.
Would appreciate, if you visit it when you have time and let me know what you think and any comments for improvement is always welcome..!

Please note that photographs are arranged based on the category. So, choose the category to view pictures in that category. This obviously has scope for lot of improvement (both the blog and pictures..!) that I would carry out progressively.

Thanks in advance for your time...! Pongal and Magara Sankranthi Greetings...!

With Love 


  1. Just returned after exploring your photography blog... Quite impressive, I must add...
    But why have you put the about me and all other widgets below? Putting it normally like in this blog will look better, i feel!

  2. Thanks for visiting Arti..! I am glad you liked it.
    I intended to focus on posting pictures only in that blog and wanted it to look like a Gallery of pictures.
    I wanted to use the full screen for the picture so that the viewer's eyes will not be distracted. It is axiomatic in Photography to focus on one subject and avoid distractions to the extent possible..!
    I do not intend writing more than a line or two as details about the photo. Hence a normal format will be of very limited use anyway. Thanks for your opinion Arti..!

  3. Amazing...I totally loved it.....Great job Atimber!


  4. Thanks Divya..for stopping by..!

  5. Awesome photography uncle.. highly inspired and impressed on seeing your sacred blog..

    Deepak & Harish...

  6. Thanks Deepak & Harish... for visiting and commenting with nice words..!


Your comments are more important to me than even my post..! I appreciate your time & Thank you..