Monday, November 15, 2010

Iravadheeswarar Temple

Date of visit: 13-Nov-2010

Where (Location):

This temple is located in Big Kanchipuram near bus stand. Opposite to Kachabeswarar Temple.
Very small temple and hardly noticeable...It is bang opp to Kachabeswarar temple...There is a grill gate... if not locked, open it and get inside...Doesn't look to be visited by any one..!

What is special about this place :
  • Dilapidated..Needs restoration..!
  • Beautiful sculptures on the wall...getting mutilated..will get destroyed soon completely, if nothing is done soon.
  • Ancient and finds mention in Puranas
  • Not maintained...! The God is all alone here...with only a few bats to his company..!

Camera : Allowed ...! Who cares... no body is there to object...! 

What did I like of this place : 

  • The sculpting

Rating : Very Good..!

Note on the Rating :
The rating is in my opinion and may vary from person to person. The factors that I consider for my rating includes being ancient, architecture/Sculpture, Serenity of the place, Spiritual significance (reference in scriptures…etc), Enormity /Size/Magnitude.

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  1. How did you reach this temple? But good work.. The statues are so beautiful. The temple needs restoration.

  2. The temple is just opposite to Kachabeswarar temple.It is very hard to spot this temple. I was actually standing in front of the gate of this temple before crossing the road to reach Kachabeswarar. The gate was closed at that time. I learnt from a shop nearby that the temple is hardly visited by any one and is open early in the morning. On one of my trips I reached there before 7 am and got this temple when it was open..!
    The temple is very small...and needs restoration. But I doubt,if it would be...!

  3. No wonder every small deviation taken leads to a new destination. India incredible India . Nice finding . Great place to visit


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