Sunday, September 26, 2010

Srirangam & Thiruvanaikkaval

Srirangam Ranganathar is close to my heart, ever since I made a trip with my father back in 1987. I'd been planning to visit Srirangam temple for quite a while after that. Could manage it just now. I made a trip during first week of Sep 2010.

The sprawling area , Gigantic Gopurams, Vast Mandapams make Srirangam temple an unforgettable place.
Not many know that , you can get on top of the I floor of the temple to have a nice view of all the gopurams for a charge of Rs 10/-per person.

What I liked in both Srirangam and Thiruvanaikkaval is that the Cameras are allowed inside the temple... (of course photography is not allowed in the inner sanctum-santorum..)

You can view the video here

I didn't imagine, it will be difficult to get accommodation in Trichy. But it turned out to be so. I could not book room in any decent hotel on the phone from Chennai since the days I wanted happened to be Muhurtha Day and happened to be the day when a popular local VIPs family wedding was taking place. I could finally book a room in a service apartment that proved to be too costly for Trichy's cost of living.. Rs 1500/-per day, Comfortable though. Too big for a couple. Two bed room flat. You can view the details on their website
For those interested, the photos of the apartment can be viewed below


Srirangam and Thiruvanaikkaval are like twin temples. You can not miss this when you visit Srirangam. Not a small temple by any means...!

For those who like videos

One can not but think of visiting Cauvery in Srirangam.
Amma Mandapam is a good place to go and view the river when there is enough water...!

Click here for Amma MandapamPhotos

I went to Gangaikonda cholapuram and Tanjore from Trichy. The photos and Videos are in my next blog post....!