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We visited Coorg from Mysore. There are two options for staying in Coorg. One can stay in Home-Stays apart from the regular Hotels. Home-stays are Coffee estates turned into Guest houses. Would you believe, there are about 2000 such home stays in and around Coorg...!
Home-stays are lovely for nature lovers. You escape the Buz of the town and immerse into the Nature. I stayed in one such Home stay..Honey Valley..a special one. It is on the mountain, about 4000ft above the ground level at a distance of 4Kms. One has to climb up on foot or by 4 Wheel Jeeps. Regular cars can not climb up. The path is real steep. The Home stay will send pick-up jeep to the foot hills. (Rs 50/- per person..)

We took a cab from Mysore and reached Virajpet. From Virajpet reached Kakabe. The Jeep was waiting for us. The Jeep ride started on a good note, the winding path amidst the Green trees was very invigourating.. All of us enjoyed the ride till it reached a stage where from the road was really steep. The driver shifted to I Gear and it was I Gear all the way from then on...! Still a great ride, till we reached a place. The driver stopped a while at the bottom of a slope that was at about 60 degrees from the ground level.. We were supposed to climb up.. I asked the driver if we should get down and climb up on foot the small distance. The driver did not answer, the vehicle stopped briefly as if to gather some breath.. The flight took off with a roar...But the vehicle moved at a snail pace making huge noise..! Amidst the thrill, I frantically gathered my camera and started shooting photos and video clips, holding the door handle with one hand and the camera on the other...!

VIDEOS and Photo stories at the end...!

To Honey-Valley   -->  Click here for photos

Home stay Room and around   -->  Click here for photos

Home stay Dining   -->  Click here for photos
Break fast at 8:30am, Lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7:30pm. The Buffet was great.

Hydro Power station Honey Valley   -->  Click here for photos
They generate their own power, the Honey Valley has got a solar power generator..!
Did I tell you.. there are no TVs, No loud music....!

Relaxing Moments   -->  Click here for photos

Trekking to Water falls   -->  Click here for photos
This small water fall will be all yours, it is like a private water falls.. no body else visits this.. Great place to while away the time in seclusion..
This is one of the most polular trekking spots around Honey Valley. One can get the glimpse of the dense forest from here.
I happen to click a great Combat on the way down, two bulls at logger heads..!

Hosts of Honey Valley   -->  Click here for photos
The Chengappa family .. the perfect Host...!
Suresh, Sarath(son), Susila Chenngappa, the cute little daughter (I forgot her name..)

I know you've booked your train ticket. This is the contact details for your bookings at Honey valley. You have to book in advance over phone.. Call them they will tell you what to do..!
Suresh Chengappa or Sharath Chengappa
Honey Valley Home Stay Retreat
Yavakapady P.O, Kodagu – 571 212, Karnataka. 
Tele:(08272) 238 339 / 238 888

The Return   -->  Click here for photos
We wanted to taste the bus journey. The road was great. So we thought will try the state transport. We got dropped at Virajpet in the Jeep.. (Of course paid Rs 600/-) from where took a bus to Mysore.

Other places  
On our way to Honey Valley, we took a small detour to visit Talakaveri and a Tibetian Monastery.

Tala kaveri  -->  Click here for photos

Tibetian Monastery  -->  Click here for photos
What a place..! These monks chant something like Vedha.. Very enchanting to hear..!
The cameras are allowed...! I also took a few video clips..!

Videos & Photo stories
The above photos are made into a photostory with music -- >  videos can be seen Here.

The End..!
The starting is always difficult for some of us... but the ending is always painful for most of us. More so, if you have to leave behind a great place like Coorg.. the gruelling mundane drill that awaits you often puts you down... But re-living those moments like this rejuvinates me..!

(I normally am too too lethargic  to review what I write.. o just bear with the spelling mistakes and poor English..)


  1. really nice pictures, though am yet to see the videos. i visted the monastery way back in 2004 and the memory is still fresh, though sadly have lost the pics from the trip now.

    your post revived a lot of those memories...

  2. and guess what i stayed at the same place where u did :) it was an awesome experience...

  3. Really... It was an awesome experience indeed... I liked the idea of being without any electronics-TV etc.. when I read about Honey Valley and immediately thought I was going to stay there only.. Please take a look at the videos when you have time, you will like it-relive your trip..
    Thanks for looking

  4. Extremely beautiful but too much of stuff in one go. You may perhaps think of splitting longer posts as you have done for Thiruvannamalai.

  5. Thanks PNS. Yes..Too long a post... That was an old post and I had changed the style recently (Thiruvannamalai was one after the change..!)
    Thanks for your suggestion..!


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